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 We are Ken and Ruth Ann Alrick of Fyr'n Ice Samoyeds located in Central Missouri, USA.  Fire and Ice are polar opposites and so are we.  We felt that this was an accurate description for the breed.  Fire for the intensity of their spirit and Ice for their ability to endure anything.  We have owned and actively been showing Samoyeds since 1986.  Our Family consists of Ken, Ruth Ann and the pack including, Kemi, Whisper, Neon, Tesla and Roy.

All our dogs live in the house with us as family pets first and competitors second.  We train and show our own and other peoples dogs and have achieved Nationally-Ranked Obedience, Conformation titles and champions with our Belgian Tervuren going Best In Show at 9 months of age.  For fun we participate in Weight Pulling, Dog Sledding, Herding and tracking with all our dogs.

Ken who as a child was allergic to pets in general could not have a pet till late in junior High School.  His first real show dog was a Belgian Tervuren and was given to him by his cousin who raised champion Tervurens in the 60's.  Through high School and College Ken's Tervurens were mainly the family pet with an occasional show for fun.

Ruth Ann started out in 4-H obedience and conformation competition at age 10 with a Cairn Terrier who had grown too large for AKC competition.  She placed first in all competitions and a dog show fancier was born.

We have had 4 litters, 2 each from two different bitches which produced multiple conformation champions and obedience titles.  We are very concerned that our pups are family pets first and foremost and will receive the time and attention they deserve in their new homes.

We owned and operated Bed Bonz and Beyond Pet Day Spa and Retreat where we offered grooming, training, boarding and doggie day care.  Here we used our experience in animal behavior with Problem Solving, Analysis, and rehabilitation of  problem dogs with their families.  We provide foster homes to Samoyeds and American Eskimo dogs in need of training and socialization to be able to assimilate into polite society.  Ken has designed several dog training class programs, teaching manuals, and student class handbooks.  Ruth Ann has authored numerous articles dealing with various behavior problems and modification techniques plus general guidelines on everything from puppy raising and pet grooming to Doggie Day Care and teaching tricks to dogs.  We are active in promoting responsible pet ownership and  fighting government regulation of pet and especially dog ownership and responsibility issues.

We will gladly answer any questions and help you find the perfect pet for your family, whether a Samoyed from Fyr'n Ice, another Samoyed breeder or an entirely different breed. Our goal is a happy family with a happy pet.

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